Yvette & Steve had the sweetest elopementUpham Beach with Mackenzie Holton

Mackenzie is THE SWEETEST soul EVER! You may recognize her from Tiktok 😉 She found me through Instagram last year and we immediately hit it off!

This was our second time shooting together, and if I could work with beautiful souls such as hers every time, my job would be SO much easier. This time we met down in Saint Petersburg, Florida at Upham Beach….which has easily become my FAVORITE beach to shoot at. The rocks, the sunsets, everything about this spot is absolutely dreamy for photo sessions.

With me being a traveling photographer, I see all sorts of beautiful locations and its hard to pick a “favorite” but Florida has definitely stolen my heart and I will always love shooting here <3


Hey y’all! There’s that Arkansan “accent” as so many like to point out 😉 Im Rhianna, the face behind the camera. Not “Angel” or “Faith.” The photography name came from our daughter who we lost back in 2011. Her name was Faith and I knew I wanted to make her a part of my every day life, so here is where she’ll stay. I am a full time mom to 4 kiddos, ages range from 10 all the way down to 2. I married my high school sweetheart and started photography way back in the dark room with film photography if that tells ya anything.Im an avid tiktoker, pickle eater and love to laugh. You can catch me in my downtime with kids in my lap watching movies, or playing board games. Family time is where it’s at for me, they’re my “why.” I can’t wait to meet you and see what yours is.